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Adobe Walls Unit

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The Texas State Militia Adobe Walls Unit is an all-volunteer organization, drawing on the talents of a diverse and wide variety of Texans. It relies on the continuing recruitment, training, and gracious commitments of individuals such as yourself to enhance our capabilities and effectiveness. Join the militia and see for yourself the brotherhood, skills, and drama-free environment that can come with a like-minded purpose.




  1. Must be 18 or older to apply.

  2. Applicants must be able to pass a criminal background check. In some cases, a License to Carry issued by the State of Texas will suffice in lieu of a background check. This can greatly speed up the application process. No serious criminal background such as a felony or abuse to women, children, or pending felony charges.

  3. Former military service members are welcomed and encouraged.

  4. Current and former law enforcement officers are both welcomed and encouraged.

  5. You must legally be ALLOWED to own a firearm. Don't necessarily have to have one.

  6. Character requirements:

    • Each individual will be personally interviewed.

    • We do not accept racists, bigots, sexists, or any sort of marginalization of individuals based on their physical traits.

    • Applicants must display a dedication to supporting and defending our constitutional freedoms.

    • Drug use is explicitly prohibited.

  7. Possession of illegal weapons is prohibited.

  8. Physical Requirements:

    • You are responsible for your own physical fitness. We do not do PT.

    • We accept members of all ages over 18 and physical capabilities.



Each applicant will need to be processed before any invite is sent to train with us.

Processing includes but is not limited to...

A. An Interview 

B. Background Check

C. Form Processing – Internal, State and sometimes Federal Documentation may be required

(TSM follows strict processes to keep your information safe and private.)

Clearance to train with us and\or membership is not guaranteed!

Note: Minimum Attendance and Training requirements are currently in place.