In short, The Adobe Walls Unit is YOU.

Sons, Daughters, Fathers, Mothers… Patriots all

An unyielding sense of responsibility to our community, our state, and to the United States Constitution permeates everything we do and why we do it.

As an organization, we provide support and educational services for our local communities and municipalities.


Some services include conducting classes, lectures, practical applications, and workshops in the fields of:

  • Emergency medical training

  • Search and Rescue  

  • Disaster Preparation and Recovery

  • Self Defense (armed and unarmed)

  • Neighborhood watch organization

  • Emergency radio communication

  • Wilderness survival/first aid

Training events are held across the state on a regular basis free of charge as well as any training materials in connection therewith.

We stand ready to assist county officials, sheriffs and state agencies in times of need such as natural disasters and other forms of community assistance.


Prepare to have the most productive, exhausting, and rewarding weekends you’ve had in years.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Master the art of the compass, map and pace count.

Work with your team, know your surroundings and stand your ground.

Move Safely within close spaces.


Be ready in times of trouble.